Escape Brooklyn: The White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock

By Katie & Greg Addo
On July 11, 2016

Most peoples’ summer weekend escape fantasies usually include bicycling, swimming holes, a campfire, and great food. Throw in local live music, a weekend flea market, and a stay in a funky Victorian suite adorned in awe-inspiring detail in tribute to Jimmy Hendrix… and the “experience” at the White Dove Rockotel in Woodstock, NY can’t be topped! Owners and creators Martin and Erin have turned their musical passions into a true work of art and livelihood; the buildings and grounds have been lovingly restored and renovated using as many original fixtures as salvageable. Erin’s past work in the fashion and graphic design industries is perfectly paired with her husband, Martin, a design contractor. The two lovebirds met as many hippies do: during a magical summer following Phish on tour. Now nearly 20 years later, they opened the White Dove Rockotel, which seamlessly balances the decor and vibe of the 1960s–record players and vintage vinyl in every room!–with completely modern amenities, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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